In the news

“USDA’s catfish inspection efforts remain duplicative, according to [GAO] report”

U.S. Catfish Fight Expected to Sink a Popular Import
Wall Street Journal

Catfish Farmers, Seeking Regulation to Fight Foreign Competition, Face Higher Bills
New York Times


Red Lobster, Vietnam Catfish Fight Ready to Boil in Spending Legislation
Bloomberg BNA

The Catfish Wars Could Derail U.S.-Asia Trade
Bloomberg BusinessWeek

U.S. Catfish Program Could Stymie Pacific Trade Pact, 10 Nations Say
The New York Times


Moves Still Being Made to Reverse Catfish Change

Don Quixote Slays the Catfish
U.S. News and World Report

EDITORIAL: Cochran turns Catfish into Pork
Washington Times

It’s unclear if USDA will have resources to implement catfish inspection program – USDA Deputy Administrator

Costly switch? Farm bill moves catfish inspections from FDA to USDA
Chicago Tribune

Americans’ catfish is going to be Made in the US once again and also more expensive

Polis rails against wasteful ‘soviet-style’ farm-bill policy
The Colorado Independent

Taylor: Catfish a relatively low-risk seafood

In latest Farm Bill, a billion tax dollars per page
CBS News

What Will it Take to Kill the Farm Bill’s Wasteful Catfish Subsidy?
Weekly Standard

[USDA Catfish Program] could have a significant impact on trade that most are not discussing.
Global AgriTrends

The proposed [catfish] rule, published nearly three years ago, did not use the broad definition of catfish.
Food Chemical News

Portsmouth Fish Plant Ensnared In Farm Bill’s Catfish Quagmire
New Hampshire Public Radio

Don’t Be Fooled, It’s Gridlock Time in Washington

Standstill on Farm Bill May Revive 1949 Rules
New York Times

McCain Rails Against Omnibus Budget Funds for Catfish Inspection Program
Bloomberg BNA

Omnibus spending package report includes catfish language

Omnibus Protects Catfish Program
Roll Call

Cochran Baits Primary Hook With Catfish Fight
Roll Call

Bottom Feeder Lurking in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill

Three “Under the Radar” Issues in the Farm Bill Debate

How many catfish inspection offices should taxpayers support?
US News and World Report

Oh, good: Latest GAO report details billions more in wasteful/duplicative spending
Hot Air

Mesabi Daily News

One Big Thing Holding Up The Farm Bill Is An Obscure Catfish Program
Business Insider

Stabenow urges compromise for the farm bill
The Hill

“[The USDA Catfish Program] also appears to be impeding a deal on the farm bill.”
New York Times

Catfish provision no longer a sure thing

Dairy fight could hold up $1T farm, food stamp bill
The Hill

Farm Bill Hit Snags
Roll Call

Catfish wars continue as farm bill nears completion

Farm Bill Notes
Farm Policy

McCain repeats plea for catfish provision in farm bill

Chamber: Get USDA out of catfish inspections

Sens. McCain, Cardin Push to Eliminate Agriculture Department’s Catfish Inspection
Bloomberg BNA

Catfish Vote Expected at End of Farm Bill Conference

6 Bipartisan Budget Cuts You Won’t Believe Congress Refuses To Make

NPR Exposes how USDA Catfish program continues to cause problems for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement

“[USDA Catfish Program] sets a poor precedent for American leadership”
Food Chemical News

Averting a Catfish War
Wall Street Journal

Farm Bill – Policy Issues
Farm Policy

Repeat Catfish inspection wastes taxpayers money
The Hill

Farm bill talks expected Wednesday — Poultry inspection, RFS rules releases set in regulatory agenda

Indonesia’s ambassador takes aim at USDA catfish inspection program

Senators take aim at USDA’s role in catfish inspections

The hooks and lines of the farm bill: Catfish inspection
Food Politics

Farm Bill Bottom Feeder Program Must Be Stopped
Town Hall

L.A.-area congresswoman wades into catfish fight
Los Angeles Times

Cochran’s stand on catfish complicates farm bill endgame

Farm Bill Could Affect Catfish Inspections
Clarion Ledger

The Senate Should Abandon Protectionist Inspections Aimed at Catfish from Vietnam
Center For Strategic & International Studies

Bait and Switch: The Farm Bill’s Expensive and Pointless Catfish Subsidy
The Weekly Standard

Farm Bill: Taxpayers and Consumers Are Getting Catfished

Second Catfish Inspection Program by U.S. Complicates Pacific Trade Pact
New York Times

There was a time when we dreamed about a Congress in which the members voted on principle.
New York Times Opinion Column

Fried Taxpayers
Scranton Times-Tribune

Catfish on the Farm Bill Conference Plate

Vietnam Threatens WTO Case
CQ Roll Call

Vietnam may challenge U.S. catfish program

Farm Bill Update: Vietnam asks Kerry to intervene on catfish
Food Chemical News

Lobbying Heats Up Before Farm Talks
New York Times

House members demand repeal of USDA catfish rule

House Members Call for End to Catfish Program
CQ Roll Call

Letter from over 70 Representatives to Ag Chair

Congresswoman Hartzler Wants Catfish Inspection Kept In New Farm Bill

Please Kill The Catfish Program
Daily News Record

Catfish Inspections feared to imperil other ag exports
Farm World

Congress and Fishy Business on Trade
Wall Street Journal

$20 Million in Taxpayer Money Spent on Catfish Inspections
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

Number of Catfish Inspectors Drives a Debate on Spending
New York Times

Cochran’s last stand in catfish war
Politico: Southern catfish farmers may be on the verge of getting hooked and filleted by the farm bill

Catfish Inspections a Waste of Your Tax Dollars?
Yahoo! News

Making the Case for a Better Farm Bill
Bismarck Tribune

Farm Bill Vote Could Help Montana Ranchers
Great Falls Tribune

“There’s just nothing there to support it.
Interview w/ Former FDA Food Saftey Czar Dr. David Acheson blasting the need for USDA catfish regulation.

Editorial: This fishy arrangement should get the hook
Concord Monitor

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen thinks catfish are just fine the way they are
Concord Monitor Capital Beat

Former FDA Food Safety Czar blasts Congress for playing politics w/food safety
Food Safety News

Fate of Catfish Program in Farm Bill Conference

Senate’s fishy farm bill stirs controversy
Pork Network

Farm Bill Contains Wasteful Spending

Five months in, Nolan says he’s still frustrated, but sees hope

Farm Bill Attention Turns to the House

Hartzler leads Ag Committee repeal of USDA Catfish Inspection Program
High Plains/ Midwest Ag Journal

The fishy deal on catfish

Senators Seek To Build $15 Million a Year ‘Special Catfish Office’ in Ag. Dept.
The Weekly Standard

The U.S. Wants to Inspect Your Catfish, Twice: a bipartisan duo of senators takes on the bureaucracy
National Journal

Lawmakers want to spear catfish inspection program
The Hill

House Ag Committee Votes to Repeal USDA Catfish Inspection
Food Saftey News

USDA catfish inspection program smells a little fishy
Minnesota Farm Guide

I am a long-time proponent of repealing this costly move
Senator Mike Crapo Op-Ed

Catfish war costing taxpayers, but is it taxing consumers?
The Wisconsin Reporter

White House budget would eliminate duplicative catfish inspections
The Washington Post

Duplicative programs wasting government funds, report says
The Washington Post

Catfish inspectors among $25 billion cuts in Obama’s budget

From catfish inspection to job training, study finds dozens of overlapping federal programs
Fox News

Billions lost in wasteful, duplicate spending
On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren

The budget proposal will also propose to eliminate overlaps in catfish inspections

Oh, good: Latest GAO report details billions more in wasteful / duplicative spending
Hot Air

How many federal agencies does it take to inspect a catfish? Three, apparently.
Investor’s Business Daily

New report on federal overlap cites three agencies inspecting catfish

How many federal agencies does it take to inspect catfish?

Catfish inspections put hook in farmers
Columbia Daily Tribune

Waste, Fraud and Fish
Wall Street Journal

Support for Repeal of Catfish Inspection Program

New GAO report identifies $95 billion in over-lapping programs
Washington Examiner

Catfish Controversy Roils Congress, Costs Taxpayers Millions
U.S. News and World Report

Max Baucus’s Fish Sense
Wall Street Journal

A Fish by Any Other Name
Wall Street Journal

Catfish Inspection Called Waste of Cash
The Washington Times

Government Determined to Waste Money on Catfish
Red State

Catfish: So Nice, the Feds Will Inspect Them Twice
PJ Media/Tattler

$14 Million in Farm Bill for Duplicative Catfish Regulation
The Lonely Conservative

Congress is pretty sure you need extra help with your fish
Right Wing News

But we have to raise taxes to pay schoolteachers (part xvii)?

Names Reps. Lucas & Peterson Porkers of the Month
Citizens Against Government Waste

Government Determined to Waste Money on Catfish
Right Wing America

Leviathan Drowns Catfish In Taxpayer Money
Daily Pundit

It’s No Longer Pork, Now it’s Catfish
Government Waste Fraud and Abuse

Government Determined to Waste Money on Catfish
Red Alert Politics

Catfish & The Federal Govmint
Village Undertaker

Farm Bill’s catfish inspection program is a fishy proposition
The Hill

Catfish regulations: What’s the catch?
The Daily Caller

The Catfish Solution
Wall Street Journal

Fishy Business in Washington
Wall Street Journal

Vietnam Syndrome
Wall Street Journal

Fishing for Trade
Wall Street Journal


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